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Minimize Divorce Legal Fees

Minimize Divorce Legal Fees
Fighting Over Legal Fees

Are you searching for ways to minimize divorce legal fees?  No doubt about it, when all is said and done, divorce legal fees can be eye-popping.   One respected media outlet states that a divorce often costs a couple as much as the wedding did.  The average cost of a wedding runs $36,000.00 according to one popular wedding organizing tool available on the web.  So questions arise.  Would you rather preserve marital assets for your children or pay them to your lawyer?

There are ways to minimize divorce legal fees that really are fairly simple.  A “limited scope” representation which equates to what our firm calls a “flat-fee” divorce can be thousands and thousands of dollars less than a contested divorce.   A contested divorce typically means there are two lawyers going head to head.   On the other hand, a limited scope representation usually means only one lawyer is hired by one spouse to draft court documents.  The other spouse may hire a lawyer to “grade papers”.   However the other lawyer does not formally enter the case by filing documents with the court.

If both spouses retain lawyers, an email usually costs less in legal fees than a phone call or in person visit. (Emails definitely are far less expensive in our practice!)  One excellent tip remains to ask all your questions in one email rather than ask 5 questions in 5 different emails.  Also, watch the clock when you speak in person or by phone to your lawyer. So, have your topics and questions organized to help you stay focused.  Remember that your lawyer’s time is what they have to “sell”.  Meaning, unlike buying a TV or a car, you are buying your lawyer’s time.  Time is a precious commodity for us all but particular for any professional such as a physician or lawyer.

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