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Your Divorce Attorney – Friend or Foe?


Divorce Lawyer Friend or Foe?
Tips to work with your divorce lawyer

You might be asking, is your divorce attorney friend or foe?  In reality, experts say that going through a divorce remains one of the most stressful things that happen in a person’s life.   No doubt, when a person is under severe stress, judgment, reasoning and the ability to work with others decreases.  An experienced divorce attorney understands this better than most others.  There are certain tips that can help you better work with your divorce attorney!

Take Care of  Yourself!

  • Focus on personal care – eat properly get a good night’s sleep, EXERCISE and be aware of signs of depression.  Seek your doctor’s guidance if you find you can’t sleep, don’t want to eat, eat too much, or feel lethargic!  Medication remains a vital tool for many and it is NOT a life sentence.
  • Seek out someone who can listen to you and support you.  Make sure that individual gives you positive messages. Because a good therapist can arm a person with tools to cope, many of our clients seek a good therapist at this time
  • Seek spiritual guidance.  If you don’t have a spiritual support system, now may be the time to find one.  Churches and support groups are invaluable channels.  Mediation and prayer remain a powerful tool that help many.

Is My Lawyer the Enemy?

Okay!  Now you are saying what does any of this have to do with working with my attorney.  How does this help me understand whether my divorce attorney is friend or foe?  The better you feel about yourself, the better you will be able to accept unpleasant and often painful realities about the divorce process.  We often tell our clients, “Don’t shoot the messenger!”  Divorce litigation forces divorce attorneys to frequently share bad news with their clients.

When you need to communicate with your lawyer, focus yourself and your thoughts.  List your questions about the process.  Allow your lawyer to educate you on the law!  If your lawyer neglects to explain the law, do your own research and then meet with your attorney to discuss.  Seek guidance on the process and potential outcomes.   Read our blog on reducing your legal fees and contact us today at 281-550-6650 for a free consultation.

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