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Assisting With Adoptions in the Greater Houston, Texas, Area

Connecting New Families

Texas law requires adopting families to go through an extensive process before the finalization of an adoption.

This process includes the following:

  • termination of parental rights
  • petitions
  • approval for having the child’s name changed

There is a thorough investigation of the adopting person or couple which includes:

  • criminal background check,
  • background checks for abuse or neglect
  • home visits
  • references from family and friend
  • collection of documents to support the financial stability of the new family

Houston Adoptions by Agreement

Do you have a circumstance in which there will be an agreed adoption including one parent’s willingness to terminate his or her parental rights?  Call us to help you file your adoption proceeding so that it will be approved by the Court.

There is no more rewarding part of family law then to bring together a loving family with a child who needs them!

Although the legal process of adoption can be confusing and difficult, we have the experience to “get you to the finish line!”

Call us at 281.550.6650 to arrange for an attorney consultation.

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