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Reviewing Attorney in the Greater Houston, Texas, Area

Should You Sign?

You may not wish to have an attorney actually represent you, but you would like to know if the following are okay:

Your spouse has an attorney who gave you a Waiver of Service. Please don’t sign it without having an attorney look at it. We use a different Waiver from the one most Texas attorneys use. (You could end up in really big trouble.)

Your spouse (and/or spouse’s attorney) has given you a divorce decree to sign. You could end up with a lot of problems here as well:

If you have kids:

  • Did they give you your rights the way they should have?
  • Is the child support correct?
  • Was the health insurance language all included and correct?
  • Did they do the visitation correctly?
  • Is there a geographical restriction?
  • Did they include the passport info?
  • Did you see the “forms” they are turning in to the Court?

(You could end up in an arrearage with the Attorney General’s Office if these are not filled out correctly – or you could miss out on a payment to which you are do!!!!)

Regarding your property:

  • Are your terms actually “enforceable?”
  • Were the right transfer documents prepared?
  • Do you have the right real estate documents?
  • Do you have alimony for longer than you can enforce?
  • Do you have the language necessary to take possession of the personal property you have been awarded?

We can review your proposed decree and give you the language that needs to be changed or included. We ask for a retainer based on your personal case facts and the degree of complication of your estate, and whether or not your divorce includes children. We then draw against that retainer at our hourly rate.

If you do not feel that you can afford to have an attorney represent you and do not qualify for an “uncontested” divorce because your spouse already has an attorney, then this might be just what you need to protect your interests! We will be happy to give you a free consultation, and will let you know what kind of retainer we would need to proceed on a “reviewing” basis.

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