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For Over 40 years, C.E. Schmidt & Associates, PLLC, are Houston Divorce Attorneys assisting clients with divorce transitions and all other family law matters. Attorneys whose legal experience and LIFE EXPERIENCE provide assurance when deciding whether to amicably settle or dig-in for a long haul. Over 95 REAL five star reviews on Google – Eric Schmidt and Michelle Schmidt are Houston Divorce Attorneys dedicated to clients’ welfare and the best possible outcome.   
If we need to fight it out in trial, we’re READY.   But, if we can AVOID needless hostility (or HUGE legal fees) we work to arrive at a win-win.  In the end, experience has shown us how to aggressively represent clients and minimize hostilities that result in “emotional assault” to everyone involved.   

Houston Divorce Attorneys Assisting Families in Transition Since 1980

Practice Areas

Divorce Help


If you’ve decided on a divorce, Eric and Michelle Schmidt help you understand the options and what needs to happen to successfully execute each one.  a Complex decision such as whether to have your spouse “served” or to present a “waiver of service”   require both mature and experienced analysis of your particular circumstances.  Whether to adopt a conciliatory approach or aggressively conduct depositions, immediately serve your spouse with discovery and/or schedule a mediation as soon as possible are options that can have lasting consequences.  The tone that is set early in the divorce process often significantly impacts the ultimate outcome.  A heated and highly embattled posture may bring immeasurable harm to children caught up in the storm.  Because of our legal and life seasoning, we provide the experience and measured guidance.  

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Child Custody


Courts consider the best interests of the child first and foremost when deciding which parent should have primary custody.  C.E. Schmidt & Associates, PLLC helps you make your child’s best interest for  the foundation of any agreement.  After divorce research shows that  children thrive so long as their parents transition to “co-parenting”.   Parents clearly focusing on the children by working together in a harmonious partnership yield a healthy co-parenting atmosphere.  A best interest analysis under Texas law points to complex considerations of the child’s needs, stability, and safety. Which parent provided the majority of child care weighs heavily with judges.  Difficult decisions need to be made, so choose an experienced attorney to help you navigate the process.  

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Areas of Law


We also assist with some probate areas, such as wills and powers of attorney. Upon the conclusion of a divorce, a newly divorced client should seriously consider a revised will to reflect new life circumstances.  Although under Texas law, a divorced spouse will not receive property from a deceased former spouse, a professionally drafted will that meets your needs remains vital. Expensive litigation may result without a will.  Divorced parties might need help enforcing existing divorce decrees or possession orders.  Modifying an existing parenting plan can be one of the most difficult legal processes.  Also, when a divorced person considers remarriage to a new partner, premarital agreements may be of vital importance.  These circumstances require the representation by the most experienced lawyers.  At C.E. Schmidt & Associates, PLLC, we’ll help your family know what’s best.

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From a Client

“My family puts our trust in the hands of the Schmidts. They have helped us with child adoption, name change and estate and will planning. We love them and their caring team and will use them in the future and happy to refer to all our friends.” — Lisa D.

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