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Happily Divorced Ever After

Happily Divorcing Ever After
Happily Divorcing Couple

Is there such a thing as Happily Divorced Ever After?  The answer remains YES!  Above all, experts point to each party’s mental health.  Generally, people avoid facing painful issues.  Also, people facing marriage difficulty often avoid seeking professional help.   But spouses who face their “unfinished business” often finish the “failed marriage business” most successfully.

An experienced attorney, such as the attorneys at C.E. Schmidt & Associates, PLLC, have handled tens of thousands of cases over the past 40 years.  Such maturity and experience means that we can guide you through the process and assist you in avoiding needless battles.  When couples have a strong “mental health foundation”, there is little in the way of hatred and hostility.  What is the benefit of being in good mental condition during a divorce.  We can tell you that you may save yourself thousands and thousands of dollars.

Trials are expensive.  Depositions are expensive.  Hearings are expensive.   A amicable and uncontested divorce offers spouses the best opportunity to avoid seriously depleting marital assets which can be better used after the divorce to create new households.  If children are in the picture, they will benefit greatly as well.  Children whose parents have amicably divorced are best situated to recover and adjust in the most healthy way possible.  Remember that if you have had a child with your soon to be ex-spouse, you will need to continue to work with that person for years to come.  Children do best when parents work in partnership after a divorce.

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