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Divorce + Mediation = No Brainer

Mediation provides a cost effective and less painful option to conclude a hostile divorce.  Instead of spending thousands of dollars on an expensive trial, mediation makes sense.  Really, it’s a no brainer = divorce & mediation!  First, the right mediator serves as a guide who points the way to compromise.  Second, carefully selecting your mediator relying on your attorney leads success.   In addition, our experienced attorneys rely frequently on mediators who have practiced decades and are often former judges who know the law inside and out.


Importantly, mediation works because parties have more control over the outcome.  On the other hand, taking the matter to a judge may yield wildly unpleasant outcomes.   Actually, you and your attorney are in one room.  Your spouse and their attorney are in another room.  There is typically no face to face unless the mediator recommends it and you agree.  That in itself decreases tensions.  In contrast, in the courtroom, hostility can flare as you face “the opponent”.

Consequently, remember it’s a no brainer = divorce & mediation.  You avoid a public brawl in a court room, it’s private and no court reporter is writing down your every word.  Dirty laundry won’t be aired for the world to hear and see.  In conclusion, mediation = greater satisfaction and compliance after the fact.  Also know that most court’s require mediation prior to a temporary orders hearing or trial.  The advantages truly outweigh any potential loss.

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