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Divorce – the buck stops here

President Harry S. Truman popularized the phrase, “the buck stops here“.  He kept a sign with that phrase on his desk in the Oval Office. What’s the idea?  In divorce as in life, you must make the decisions and accept the ultimate responsibility for those decisions.  With the process of divorce – the buck stops here where we guide you to achieve balance!

The story about how the sign got on President Truman’s desk fascinates.  A Federal Reformatory located in El Reno, Oklahoma made the sign for President Truman.  Actually, Fred A. Canfil, a United States Marshal and President Truman’s friend, saw a comparable sign while visiting the Reformatory.  Mr. Canfil asked for a similar sign to be made and sent President Truman.  An inmate made the sign and mailed it to the President on October 2, 1945.

Often, the Texas Family Code dictates what can and cannot happen in divorce.  Regularly, clients don’t want to face the unpleasant realities the law provides.  Just as you may not like the speed limit, you may not like the law regarding alimony.    The concept of separate property versus community may hit you like a brick.  Child support guidelines often fail to meet every need.  Sadly, the law doesn’t bend to a party’s desire.

So, during the divorce process, learn the “rules” and take responsibility for your decisions.  Attorneys are not magicians, and they don’t own a crystal ball either.  But an experienced attorney, such as those at C. E. Schmidt & Associates, will educate you and walk you through the painful parts.  Ultimately, we dedicate ourselves to helping you find the place where you embrace the price of divorce – the buck stops here! The process can be very long, painful and overwhelming, but it does end.

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