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Rules For Court

Rules of Court: How to Act in a Court Appearance

By: Marilyn Gale Vilyus

 If you have a Family Law Court Appearance in Houston, Texas or have a court appearance of any kind, this guide will help you know how to make it more successful.

Rule # 1:        Always Tell the Truth.

Rule # 2:        Listen to the Question.

Rule # 3:        Make Certain You Understand the Question Asked;

                     You can ask to have the question repeated.

Rule # 4:        Be Sure to Answer the Question.

Rule # 5:        Take Your Time; Breathe.

Rule # 6:        Answer Only the Question Asked.

Rule # 7:        Answer Orally and Distinctly ; don’t nod your head.

Rule # 8:        Do Not Guess; Say: “I don’t know”. or “I don’t remember.

Rule # 9:        Avoid boxing yourself in – don’t say “always” or “never”     

                     Say: “to the best of my recollection” or

                     “as best as I can remember at this time”.

Rule # 10:      Don’t Argue with the Opposing Counsel.

Rule # 11:      If you Forget the Question, Ask the Attorney to Repeat It.

Rule # 12:      Dress Appropriately – no shorts, flip flops, no jeans or

                     immodest clothing and no shirts with logos.

Rule #13:       It’s Okay for Witnesses to Have Spoken to you,

                     so don’t deny that you have talked to them about your case.

Rule #14:       Never Be Sarcastic to Other Lawyer or to Your Spouse.

Rule #15:       Do Not Interrupt or Talk Back to the Judge.