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How to Choose the Right Divorce Attorney


You will be working very closely with your divorce attorney. If you are looking for a Houston divorce lawyer, or are getting a divorce in one of the areas surrounding Houston, consider calling C. Eric Schmidt, 281.550.6650 for a free divorce consultation.


Following are factors you should consider when choosing your divorce lawyer:


  • Will the lawyer you meet with be the one who handles your case?


You can be assured that if you hire our firm, Mr. Schmidt will be the attorney in charge of your case.  For the sake of efficiency, you may be called by one of our paralegals or other office staff in order to ask you a simple question, provide you with procedural information or to request documentation.  However, your case will be handled by Mr. Schmidt and not another associate, unless that specific arrangement has purposefully been made in advance.


  • Does your lawyer care about you as a client, or are you “just another case?”


It’s a funny thing!  The reason some lawyers can be so cold and distant is because that is actually what they are taught in law school.  Their professors advise law students that “they are the lawyer – not the “shrink” and that they should advise their clients to seek professional counseling.


While formal counseling is certainly helpful for anyone going through the divorce process, it is also helpful to know that you have a divorce attorney in Houston who understands what you are going through and who can help you get through this difficult time.  Mr. Schmidt, while primarily concerned, of course, with providing you with sound legal advice, also practices with patience and understanding and does his best to help you with a sense of awareness for all of the challenges an ongoing divorce brings to the table.


  • Is the attorney clearly explaining the costs involved?  Does he offer options or is he only offering one particular type of divorce plan?


At our firm, we do our best to resolve conflict and to finalize cases quickly and at a minimum cost.  We have literally done thousands of uncontested divorces, ones in which only one party (our client) is represented by an attorney.  We are proud of our reputation that we “can be trusted” and, therefore, this encourages the spouses of our clients because they know that they can rely on the fact that we will finalize their divorce in a fair manner, consistent with the intentions of the parties.  These types of cases can often be handled on a flat fee basis, or possibly on a flat fee basis with certain other charges depending on the particular circumstances involved.


In those cases where an uncontested divorce is not possible for one reason or another, we also handled cases in which we charge based on the attorney’s hourly rate.  (Of course, any work done by other office personnel is charged at a lesser rate!)


In these types of cases, our clients benefit from our organized, well-trained staff who are committed to working quickly and efficiently so that we can keep our clients’ fees as low as possible.


Mr. Schmidt has over 30 years of legal experience, so you can rely on him to know what needs to be done.


  • Does the attorney with whom you are meeting seem responsive to your questions?  Will your phone calls be returned?


We are always available if you have any questions at all regarding your case or how you should handle any particular situation with your spouse or child which may have arisen.  Your email or phone call will be answered the same day as it was received.   We encourage our clients to state their specific question(s) in their emails, or, if calling, to leave a specific question in their voicemail messages.  In this way, we can already have the answer you need when we return your call.  This will save time for both you and us and, if you are an “hourly client,” it will minimize your legal fees.


Of course, we recognized that some issues are more complicated and cannot be summarized so easily.  Be assured that a simple “please call me” request is certainly appropriate at those times.


  • Is your attorney making you promises that you will definitely get “everything you want?”


Maybe your particular case is so clear cut that your request is a non-issue.  Perhaps your question was “Will I get child support?” or “Will I have a visitation schedule?”  In cases like those, then, certainly, an attorney can respond with 100% confidence that you will get “what you want.”  However, beware of the attorney who makes grandiose promises regarding difficult or complicated circumstances.


Our firm does not try to “lead our clients on” just so that you will hire us.  We see it as part of our job to give you a careful and thorough evaluation of your case facts and to advise you not just about the benefits of your case, but also to alert you to any difficulties you might encounter.


We believe you need to know the law, and we don’t make false promises!


We hope you will consider the above “pointers” as you are having an initial consultation with an attorney.  Please feel free to call us if you would like more information about how our firm operates.  We are happy to answer any questions, and hope you will consider choosing us to represent you in your family law matter.  We look forward to the opportunity to be of service to you.