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Why Do We Provide a Free Consultation?

The answer is simple. One of the most difficult decisions a grieving person – one who is deciding to divorce is a grieving person for sure – can make is the decision regarding which attorney of the literally hundreds of attorneys in the Houston area to retain. Often those on the verge of a divorce are experiencing confusion and heightened emotions. An attorney should help the prospective client to begin to feel more calm and reassured. The prospective client needs to feel connected, respected, and in tune with their attorney. Likewise, the attorney must feel a connection with that potential client.

At C. E. Schmidt and Associates, PLLC, we don’t accept representation of each prospective client for the same reason. During the initial consultation, we together must decide if we can affectively work toward marital dissolution as a team. The legal process whereby a marriage is dissolved requires a partnership that cannot exist if there is a personality conflict. Although selecting an attorney is a far more serious decision than that of purchasing a car – there are some similarities. In the sense that you would never expect to have to pay a fee to test-drive a car, you shouldn’t have to pay a fee to get acquainted with a prospective attorney. It has been our experience, over the period of the past 40 years, that it is in the best interest of both our potential client and our law firm that we, prospective client and attorney, take this “free test drive” together. For this reason, we do not charge you for an initial consultation.

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