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What is a Grey Divorce?

Older couple on the brink of divorce
Grey Divorce

What is a Grey Divorce anyway?  In the first place, does divorce connect to any particular color at all?  Many of our clients arrive to our office seeing “red” when they are going through a divorce because of frustration or anger at their partner.   Sometimes people refer to divorce between older couples as a “diamond” divorce too.

To be simple,  Grey Divorce occurs between couples older than 50 who have usually been married for decades.   With lots of life experience, these “baby boomers” often choose to end long marriages for specific reasons.  Actually, divorce decreased over the past 20 years for most age groups EXCEPT for those over 50.

The reasons for a “diamond” divorce include financial problems, growing apart, and infidelity.  Unfortunately, addictions to alcohol, sex and gambling create huge grievances that drive couples to divorce.   When you consider hiring an attorney and you have a few grey hairs, you may want a more seasoned, mature counselor.   At C.E. Schmidt & Associates, our attorneys bring maturity to the process.  When considering how to divide a complicated property picture, experience can’t be overemphasized.

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