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What You Don’t Want to Tell Your Divorce Lawyer (ie. What He Really Needs to Know)

Never – ever -- hide your “skeletons” from your attorney!  As family law lawyers, we give our clients the benefit of the doubt!  It’s our job to be your “champion.”  It’s also our job to “make hell sound like a party!!!!” but we can’t do our best to defend you if we don’t know in advance what problems are going to pop up!

Nothing is worse than to find out for the first time at the court hearing that you “pulled a gun on your wife” or “that you aren’t really psychotic because you only saw cockcroaches crawling all over your body a couple of times!”

While hiding the facts is damaging in a divorce case, it is pure disaster to a custody fight, and also harms your visitation rights even if you are not fighting for custody!

Whatever you tell your attorney is protected by the attorney client privilege.  But, if you don’t give your attorney the “whole truth,” you could easily be headed for a disaster of epic proportions!!!!

Let your divorce lawyer know if you (or YOUR SPOUSE) have ever…….

  • Been in jail or prison
  • Been arrested
  • Committed a felony
  • Abused prescription drugs
  • Used illegal drugs
  • Had problems with alcohol
  • Been arrested and/or convicted of drunk driving
  • Attempted suicide
  • Been involved with illegal gambling or had a legal gambling addiction
  • Been involved in any other kind of illegal activity
  • Have an emotional or psychiatric condition
  • Been hospitalized for an emotional or psychiatric condition
  • Physically or verbally abused your spouse or kids
  • Been guilty of adultery
  • Had a pregnancy or gave birth to a child outside of the marriage
  • Had a homosexual relationship
  • Had a sexually transmitted disease

Although this list is not exhaustive --  it’s a good place to start!!!!! Please help your lawyer to help you by letting him know anything embarrassing that could be brought up by your spouse.

If you are a 6 foot five guy who likes to wear dresses, your attorney will not blink as he defends the right of two consenting adults to behave as they wish behind the closed doors of their bedroom.

However, "Dad," if this is going to be “your argument,” please be sure your wife’s lawyer is not going to show up in Court with a picture of you holding your little daughter’s hand while you are wearing a dress and 3 inch heels!!!!!!

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