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Social Media + Divorce Trouble

Understand that divorce might be a very public display of someone’s issues!  Social media can be poison.   And, privacy flies out the window when friends, family, and neighbors learn about the situation.  Importantly, divorcing parties need to recognize that actions and words matter.   In fact, experts indicate that too much social media can actually lead to divorce!

Social media
Social Media and Divorce are a Bad Mix

During a highly contentious divorce, your spouse may weaponize your social media posts, texts, and tweets.  Clever attorneys search social media websites and social media posts provide powerful ammunition.   Social Media + Divorce = Trouble

Remember that your friends and family may also post, text, and tweet to you or about you.  Beware.  If you and your friends refrain from commenting on your situation, your spouse, and children, nothing is out in the public for another to find.  Deactivating your social media accounts until the case is concluded prevents temptation!   However, understand that if your spouse has filed or you have filed and the court placed injunctions in place, deactivation may not be ok.  Also, removing anything from your social media catalogue may get you into trouble.

Also, remember that Instagram counts too.  The saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words” powerfully applies during the divorce process.   Again, Social Media + Divorce = Trouble.  All of these issues and concerns require guidance by an experienced attorney.  Contact C. E. Schmidt & Associates, PLLC for a consultation at (281) 550-6650.  We will guide you through this difficult process.

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