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Why Have a Premarital Agreement?

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Many couples may have valid concerns when considering whether to marry.   Often this occurs when couples consider a second marriage.  But a Premarital Agreement can help resolve the worry.  A Premarital Agreement is basically a contract between two parties. It may be a good idea even when one enters into a first marriage.  Under the Texas Family Code, after marriage almost all income is considered community property.   If a party has financial obligations to former spouses or children from the previous marriage, this may present complications.   This is why you want to consider a this contract.

A future spouse may want to make clear intentions about many topics.  A future spouse may want to preserve a family’s existing assets for children from an earlier marriage.  Spouses may want to eliminate or limit any future alimony obligations.  Spouses may want to keep a party’s income separate to pay off premarital debts or meet financial obligations to a former spouse.   Actually, some famous couples included “bad boy provisions” into agreements!

Drafting a Premarital Agreement requires careful consideration and skill.  Our attorneys have decades of experience and know how to draft agreements that are clear and enforceable.

Premarital Agreements = Peace of Mind

Our attorneys have the experience to help you accomplish your goal!  Contact our office at 281-550-6650 to set up a free consultation to discuss the benefits of a Premarital Agreement!

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