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Montgomery County Texas


If you have a case in Montgomery County, Texas, remember to park in the nearby parking lot so that you will not be pressured to move your car.  Limited timed parking is strictly enforced, and you don’t want to go back to your car to find out that you have been ticketed! 

Depending on your case, you may be in a different building from the main courthouse.  Although they are attached, be sure to allow yourself enough time to get to the proper place because it can be tricky to find your court if you have to get to the other building!

If you are there to “prove up” or finalize an uncontested divorce, you should be aware that Montgomery County is not like some other counties in which you can just “show up” and sign up on the uncontested docket in the clerk’s office.

You will need to call the district clerk in advance and arrange for a date to have your case heard.  Be sure to have your case number handy when you call!  Check with the clerk to make sure you have all of the necessary forms and that you have met the minimum time requirement – ie. that it has been at least 61 days from the date your original petition was filed.  

Please note that your “uncontested case” will not show up on the television screen outside the courtroom, so do not be concerned unless your case is contested and it is still not listed!

Also, be sure that your Waiver of Service, if you are using one, was signed, notarized and filed with the Court AFTER the date the original petition was filed.

Check in with the court clerk to turn in your paperwork before the time your case is scheduled to be called.  Call the clerk in advance and inquire about electronic filing requirements.

If you are scheduled for a formal hearing, be sure to bring any letter or documents you were served with so that someone can help you get to the right place in case you are lost!

Be aware that depending on the court’s schedule, your contested case may be set for later in the day – or even for a different day.  Always dress appropriately – no shorts or flip-flops!  Ladies, be sure that you are not wearing clothes which are too tight or too sexy!  Do not chew gum, and remember to turn off your cell phone before you enter the courtroom.

If you are there for a Temporary Orders Hearing, be sure to bring a completed Financial Information Sheet, along with two years income tax returns, and one month’s most recent paystubs.  If you or your spouse is asking for spousal support and/or child support, you will need to show the Court documents proving both your monthly income and monthly expenses.

Following these “tips” will help your family law experience in Montgomery County go more smoothly!