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How Much Child Support?

How much child support?  Every day people ask that question.  Really, the calculation might be simple or complicated.  Actually, the person who pays child support is called the obligor.  Specifically, the obligor’s net monthly income and the number of children determines the amount.  Whether the obligor has children from more than one relationship changes the amount.

 The Texas Family Code Child Support guidelines determine the amount based upon a ratio.

How much will the amount be?  For example if you have one child,  20% of net income provides the dollar figure.  So, $2000 a month of net income x 20% equals $400 monthly.   If you have one child from a different relationship,  the percentage drops to 16%.   Importantly: (1) The court isn’t required to follow the guidelines in every case. (2) Medical support and other payments are in addition to current support.

Most of the time, the court orders the employer to withhold the amount of child support and medical support.  All of these issues confuse lots of obligors.  We provide free consultations in order to determine if one of our attorneys and your personality match well.  Actually, comfort with your attorney remains vital when you go through custody and divorce proceedings.    A good client attorney match equals better results during the stressful litigation process.  Call our office today for a consultation (281) 550-6650

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