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Divorce + Face the Music

Is your divorce over, but your ex-spouse fails to keep their promises?  Did you fight hard, spend thousands of dollars, and experience a ton of grief but the decree is now ignored?  Your former spouse may need to be hit with an enforcement action.  Divorce + Face the Music operates to teach wayward former spouses a hard lesson.  Court’s fail to appreciate parties who flout their orders.  Much like a strict Principal, most courts demand compliance or else.  You or your former spouse face serious consequences for failure to follow orders.

Those consequences include substantial money judgments and delivery of property.  Judges also order offenders to pay the other party’s legal fees.  Unpaid child support obligations can get your driver’s license suspended and even land you in jail.  Also, if your spouse refuses to follow a parenting plan, watch out!  Some Judges punish the wayward party by changing the possession schedule or even changing the party who has the child with them more often.  In addition, defiant spouses face “contempt of court” consequences.   No-one should blithely consider staring down an angry Judge who is ready to throw the book at them.  After the divorce + face the music may be very painful.

An experienced divorce attorney, such as those at our firm, remains a key factor under such circumstances.  Whether you want to enforce a previous order or you are on the receiving end, pick an attorney who can handle the pressure. Enforcement actions have a steep learning curve and should not be lightly undertaken or defended.  It remains quasi-criminal – meaning in such a hearing, your rights will be read to you as if you were in a criminal courtroom.  Tread carefully!  Contact our office at (281) 550-6650 for a consultation.  Lastly, take Divorce + Face the Music with care!

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