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Divorce + Custody – Email or Text?

Firstly, divorce + custody – email or text (?) — The divorce process with custody issues often equals painful communication problems with the other parent – clients often ask if they should email or text?  We typically urge email or text messages to provide a layer of protection and documentation.   Even better, parental communication apps provide superior boundaries.

divorce + custody email message

Email, text, and parental communication apps help to prevent problems with your child’s other parent.  Really, because you have children together, you will most likely have to contact and interact with one another.  Documenting your communication assists your lawyer in handling your case and may provide important evidence in court when necessary.  There is no better way to document than by having a written print out of the exchange.  That is possible with email, text and parental communication tools such as Our Family Wizard or Talking Parents.

No matter how you communicate, important rules should guide your conduct during any communication.   Adopting a businesslike attitude provides a check on any heated emotion that you might experience.  Process your feelings with a support person before you reach out to the other parent.  Doing so may help to prevent any inappropriate language or tone.   Keep your conversations as short as possible focusing your energy on your child.  Look for solutions not conflict.   Try to show respect for the other parent – judges dislike hostilities and recriminations.  The goal must be to transition to a healthy co-parenting relationship.

Since 1980,  we have been assisting couples and families during the divorce process by providing constructive guidance.   We have always worked to avoid inflaming passions – we encourage our clients to process strong feelings in the most constructive way possible.  Angry emails and text messages inflame passions and result in a longer and more expensive process.  Call 218-550-6650 to schedule a free consultation.




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