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Divorce Common Issues and Mediation

Many times, parties incorrectly think that mediation increases the cost of divorce.   Really, the opposite true.   Court hearings and trials more often run drive up legal fees while mediation reduces fees.  In many instances, the Court requires mediation prior to formal hearings and trials anyway.    Divorce common issues and mediation combine to resolve many cases.  Often, great mediators served as former Judges, and they have a good handle on what a sitting Judge will order.   Parties often fail to realize that formal court proceedings impose limits and restrictions which may impede settlement rather than foster resolution.

Another issue is the Texas Rules of Evidence govern formal Court proceedings such as trials and hearings.  That means that in order to present evidence to the Judge and the jury, possible step hurdles exist.  Mediators review evidence without the Texas Rules of Evidence hurdles.  Also, sitting in a mediators office remains far less intimidating that sitting in a court room.  Important issues that mediators may resolve include dividing up retirement accounts, deciding who should keep the marital residence and whether it is appropriate to order post divorce maintenance.  Mediators are also highly effective in resolving custody issues which include which parent should designate the primary residence of the children and who should pay child support.

Divorce Common Issues and Mediation require experienced guidance from attorneys who understand the importance of mediation.  Contact us today at (281) 550-6650 to set up a consultation to discuss mediation and the divorce process.  We remain ready to guide you through this difficult time!



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