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Divorce – Better Late than Never

Divorcing couple
Better late than never

Sociologist Susan L. Brown and I-Fen Lin report that, “one out of every four people going through a divorce in the United States is 50 or older”.   On the other hand, divorce rates remain level or dropped in other age groups.  Many divorces of couples older than 50 include long-time married couples – people married for decades.  They decide that it is better late than never to seek a divorce!  Importantly, often older people want an older and wiser attorney with whom they can better relate.

Each attorney at C. E. Schmidt & Associates, PLLC long since graduated from the “older than 50” stage of life.  And they are proud of their age and experience.  Mr. Schmidt handled his first “grey divorce” in 1980 – such seasoned experience remains invaluable.  He long ago understood the meaning of the phrase “better late than never”!  Really, older individual face complex financial issues such as what to do about complicated retirement plans and other financial tools.  Ms. Schmidt worked in the finance industry for over 10 years so she understands financial complexities that other attorneys have yet to grasp.

Older couples may own multiple residences and have 5 or more bank accounts so the careful and thoughtful analysis of a mature counselor remains crucial.    Older individuals may be working or retired and each status brings complexities to the divorce process.  With life expectancy increasing annually “better late than never” means older couples understand that they have a lot of life yet to live and want to make the most of it.   So much of the social stigma associated with divorce dissolved long ago, the opportunity to enjoy a truly loving and supportive relationship exists and waits for the older person.

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