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COVID 19 and Child Custody

Child Custody
Child Custody

The Texas Supreme Court weighed in on COVID 19 and Child Custody last week.  The Court ordered parents to follow originally posted school calendars!  It remains crucial that a child’s life continue as close to normal as possible during this crisis.   Keeping custody of a child when the other parent remains entitled to possession often fails to maintain the child’s sense of security that accompanies routines and schedules.

Therefore, if you have any questions regarding visitation, check your school district’s originally published calendar .  The school calendar continues to govern this circumstance and visitation schedules.  Also be aware that a parent’s status as having tested positive for COVID 19 will most likely not be considered a reason to withhold possession as Court orders in general do not bend to health concerns – absent truly life threatening conditions.

We continue, as we always have, to offer free consultations during this pandemic.  If you are doing all you can to avoid going out of your home, we also provide free consultations by teleconference.   Always remember that a Court Order is just that – an Order from a court of law.  Violating a Court Order often results in serious consequences.  Those can include Sanctions.  A Sanction is a form of punishment that Judges may order against a particular party.  Sanctions include fines!  It is never a good idea to risk the Judge’s disfavor.

Additionally and commonly, a Judge may order an offending party to pay the other party’s attorney fees.  This could mean that you have to pay for your attorney and your ex-spouse’s attorney as well.  Contact our office if you need guidance today.  281-550-6650

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