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Attorney and Spouse Communication

If your husband or wife does not have an attorney, then your attorney is not only allowed to talk directly to your spouse, but sometimes they need to in order to get your divorce done as quickly and efficiently as possible!   From a “legal standpoint,” your spouse is the “opposing party" and, if they don't have an attorney, your attorney needs to communicate with them because they are legally representing themselves!

Now, it may be that most of the discussions will take place between you and your spouse.  However, your lawyer certainly can answer any questions your spouse may have, can solicit needed information from them, and can negotiate a settlement agreement, if necessary.  Your attorney will give them notice of any hearings (including the date and time you expect to “prove up” your divorce at Court) and can answer any general or procedural questions.

Your attorney can explain any language in the divorce decree.

The one thing your lawyer cannot do is to give your spouse legal advice!  However, your attorney can explain your position regarding any terms you might be requesting. 

Our firm has handled thousands of “uncontested divorces,” and we are experts at providing this type of legal service!

We are extremely thorough, and will make certain your divorce decree is complete and accurate and that it deals with all the issues which should be included.  We also make sure you have all the extra documents you need to both transfer your property correctly and, if you have kids, to handle child support matters!

It is our policy to draft the divorce decree in the same manner that we would if each side has an attorney!  We know what to do; how to do it; and we are committed to handling all matters associated with your divorce ethically and thoroughly!

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