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Collaborative Law Improves Divorce Process

Collaborative law is based on the realization of both parties that it is in their best interest to avoid going to trial.  Coming to an agreement will not only save money in attorney fees, it will also lower the emotional cost of a divorce on the parties and -- if they have kids -- the process will be easier for them as well!

This process relies on open and honest communication and cooperation between the parties and their lawyers to achieve a fair result.  This is a revolutionary approach to law, and legal professionals from all over the country are flocking to Dallas, Houston, and Austin which are the cities leading the way in developing this new approach to solving family law problems.

When a husband and a wife agree to handle their divorce through collaborative law, they agree to identify the goals, values, and interests of each parties.  Both the husband and the wife maintain control over their decisions and how their family will make this life transition.

The collaborative law process takes dispute resolution to a whole new level.  Texas is at the national forefront of this exciting new way to solve family law problems.  Our normal legal system uses an adversarial process to settle disputes.  Collaborative law attorneys abandon this process and instead use a "team approach."

What does this mean for a couple in the process of a divorce?

Instead of playing a lot of "legal games" which end up costing everyone a lot of legal fees, both parties and their lawyers agree to cooperate and share the information needed to achieve a fair property settlement.  This process is used for couples who both do and do not have children.  If necessary, the parties agree to use neutral consultants such as CPA's, Appraisers, and sometimes Mental Health professionals.

In spite of all the jokes you hear about lawyers, at our firm, we really do CARE about our clients!  We care about their pain, their frustration, and we care about helping to protect their kids from the "fallout" of this emotional period.

We also care about the financial cost of divorce.  The less parties "fight," the less they need to pay in attorney fees, and the more money they have to divide between themselves and/or spend on their kids!  We are blessed to be very successful in our law practice!  As a result, we have "plenty to do!"  We are committed to obtaining quick and fair resolutions to our cases!  We appreciate the referrals we get from our satisfied clients who can vouch for our genuine concern for our clients and our commitment to be cost effective as well!  So, you see, this is a scenario where everybody wins!!!!

Call us for more details regarding how to divorce using the "collaborative law" process.