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Business Owners and Divorce


Business Owners and Divorce

Attorney Michelle Schmidt understands small businesses having owned her own first small business at the age of 17.  She also spent 10 years assisting business owners at both JP Morgan Chase and American Express Business Finance with complex issues such as business financing, asset valuation, inventory issues, intellectual property, good will and everything else that a small or medium size business owner faces including intangibles.  That knowledge and experience makes Michelle uniquely qualified to assist business owners as they navigate the divorce process.   Division of business interests in divorce can be one of the most complex issues in the community property division equation.

With Nearly 40 Years of Experience Our Firm has Represented Business Owners through the Divorce Process Hundreds of Times

Whether your business generates $250,000 in revenue or $250,000,000, a thorough understanding of the various types of business entities makes all the difference. A Business evaluation and forensic accountants who know what they are doing ensures that accurate information is obtained.  “Garbage in, Garbage out” must be avoided.  If the data that an expert is providing is faulty, there can be no just and right division of any community property interest that a may exist in the marriage.  Understanding the exact nature of your business entity and the business organizational documents filed with either the Texas Secretary of State or another State entity requires sophistication that is beyond many family lawyer’s experience.

These challenging issues, require experience, attention to detail, and business sophistication – please contact our team as early in the divorce process as possible in order to avoid any unforeseen consequences.  We do provide free consultations – read our blog post to understand why we offer consultations at no charge – it will make a lot of sense.

Call us 281-550-6659 to schedule an appointment and if possible bring your business organization documents to jump start the process.

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