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Avoid Parenting Communication Nightmares!

Divorcing Parents and Communication Nightmares
Divorcing Parents and Communication Nightmares

Above all, you want to avoid parenting communication nightmares during divorce!. In other words, parental communication can be less painful and far more successful when you use tools!  The transition period, depending upon the parents personalities, may or may result in bad dreams if you use common sense.

Many family law judges encourage divorcing parents to use “Our Family Wizard” or “Talking Parents”.    These are web based communication tools that assist parents in sharing information and coordinating about the children.   These tools have calendars and many other communication tools. One of the more difficult moments happens when a child is either picked up or dropped off to the other parent.  These tools have calendars and many other communication tools that encourage parents to arrive at compromises.  Also,  because courts can monitor the communication, divorcing parents may use their best behavior if there is a possibility that a Judge might review a message between parents.

In the end, adjusting to new circumstances can be difficult for everyone involved.   Fortunately, there are tools available to assist parents create a workable partnership. Contact C. E. Schmidt & Associates, PLLC to learn about the helpful tools that are available to smooth the way! We offer free consultations – 281-550-6650

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